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Carl Rees donating his MV Put-in-Bay
model to LEIHS curator Dan Savage.
Photo submitted by Jay Jones
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These two photos of the Historic Weekend
parade were submitted by Adam.
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I'm originally from North Bass Island, however
I married and moved away. My Dad, Dale Burris,
still lives there and I took the photo the last time
I was out to visit. I find it a very peaceful photo
even though the lake was a bit rough that day.
Robin Burris-Cadez.
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This and the following photo, submitted
by Carl Rees, view the sunrise over
Squaw Harbor.
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My wife Jackie and I spend a lot of time at
Put-In-Bay during the summer and frequently
stay aboard our boat in the harbor. A few
years ago, I happened to catch this dramatic
and colorful sunrise photo from our boat.
Mark Allen
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I was born and raised on Catawba Island
72 years ago and recently came across
this old picture of PIB in the 50's. Both
Chuck and I are 1950 Port Clinton High
graduates. He was just out of the USN
and I from the USAF when this was taken.
Ann Fisher, the young lady pictured here,
was an Ohio State University student
working at the Cresent Hotel that summer.
We spent most weekends crossing from
Catawba in that 12 foot boat. The 50's was
a wonderful time to have visited Put in Bay.
Jack Qualman, Carlsbad, California
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North Bass Chapel - built in 1898, it is one of the
newer buildings to be constructed on North Bass.
The stained glass was done to celebrate the grape
culture and other windows are done with grape
vines and white wine glasses - a very pretty little
place.                 Robin Burris-Cadez
Click to see pibwildflwrs2.jpg
Carol and John - Wanted to share with you how
awesome my art looks on the wall thanks to your
photographic talent! Thank you again - I love it!
Fondly, Lisa
Click to see MonumentalRainbow.jpg
Dairy Air Bob caught this photo from
the airport of a rainbow framing the
Monument which he appropiately titled,
"Monumental Rainbow"

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Andrew Markley submitted this photo he took from
the rear of the Jet Express.

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Helen Guiley of Odessa, Texas sent this photo of the
Lemmer house, circa 1920. A photo of the house as
it looks today is on the Put-in-Bay Architecture page.

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On my first trip to Put In Bay in 2005 I
took hundreds of pictures. This is one
that I thought was unique and a good
conversation piece. Bob Bertsch

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This is a photo of our house on Airline Drive, near
the Put-in-Bay airport. The "control tower" is used
to entertain our island guest and offers a great view.
Mark Friebel

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My husband Jon and I just recently spent our
honeymoon at Put-in-Bay and took these photos
of the sun set. It looked like the moon was very
close to the sun although it was probably just a
reflection of the sun in the camera.
Sherri Lynn Dunik, Pittsburgh, PA

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Mike Friebel: Dad let me drive the quad on
the ice. I posed for a picture in front of the
Benson Ford ship house. My first Lake
Erie walleye, not huge but a keeper. My
cousins 31 inch 13 pound walleye, definitely
a keeper.

Click to see BarrelFun.jpg
I recently picked up an old novelty photo postcard dated 1923
from Put-in-Bay. I don't have any further information beyond
what is shown in the photo - the postcard was never mailed
so there are no notations on the back.
Robin Miller, Savannah, GA

Click to see MBLfirewks.jpg
This picture take by Alina Nemec on Labor Day
2010 at the Miller Boat Lime Kiln Dock.

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Circa 1900 (?) ~ George Paulsen of Oak Harbor, OH,
seated. Man standing unknown.Would love to know
what the lapel ribbons and badges they are wearing
represent. George Paulsen was born in Germany
and immigrated to the USA at the age 15... married
Mary Carstensen of Rocky Ridge, OH ... operated
his own painting & wallpaper company in Oak Harbor
... died in Oak Harbor, OH in 1929. Photo submitted
by great grandson, David Hill, \

Click to see N7584 at PIB.jpg
This picture taken by Mac Hayes on August 2,1964 after
landing his Cessna at Put-in-Bay. N7584 was the last of
the Ford Trimotors to fly at PIB.

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