Vicksburg, MI

The last Ford Tri-Motor to fly at Put-in-Bay (N-7584) is being restored to it's original condition at Hov-Aire, Inc in Vicksburg, MI. These pictures were all taken on May 2, 2002.

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Another Tri-Motor (4-AT-10) in the
foreground is undergoing restoration.
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N-7684, which crashed at
Port Clinton in 1972, sets
in the bone yard.
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More of N-7684 which
someday will fly again.
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The back part of the fuselage
of N-9610, the Island Airlines
tri-motor that crashed at
Kellys Island in 1954.
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Maurice Hovious, president
of Hov-Aire, Inc.
A 50 minute color video of Ford Trimotor N-7584, made in 1988, is available as the plane spent a weekend in Ohio giving rides to the public. The camera follows the plane throughout the day. For more information click here.
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