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Jan 25, 2019

Should you advertise Here?

We produce a very popular web page of more that 8,000 professional quality photos on many aspects of Put-in-Bay, www.PutInBayPhotos.com. The site is listed on the first page of all of the major search engines (go to www.google.com. and type in “Put-in-Bay” or something similar and see what comes up).

During the summer months we receive thousands of hits daily from an average of over 600 different computers every day. There is no off-season for visitors to our photographs. During the slowest months our web site keeps busy with over 400 different computers hitting it daily. Since all of our many pages of photographs are indexed to the opening page, and each visitor on average views 3 pages, each visitor is exposed to the ads many times.

Photographs from our web page have appeared in many different newspapers, magazines, television, other web sites, and even a National Geographic book. Our site frequently shows up on different talk groups of people interested in the various things that Put-in-Bay offers. These contacts have all resulted from visitors to our web page who were looking for specific Put-in-Bay information.

Your business can be placed before the thousands of people specifically seeking Put-in-Bay information. We place ads with the objective of maintaining good taste and ads that enhance the page. There are no annoying pop-ups or sprawling intrusive ads. You can view the ads at
www.PutInBayPhotos.com in the vertical column down the right side of the page.

We will develop individual ads at no charge. If you desire a picture in the ad you may select one of ours (at either of our web pages:
www.PutInBayPhotos.com or www.ReesPhotos.com) or supply one of your own. Or you may choose an ad with just text. The ad may be a link to your web site (recommended). Or you may supply your own completed ad (jpg or gif format). Anything that will fit into the 120 x120 pixel space and is in good taste and suitable for family viewing.

The ads are $225 per year. In addition we will add a link to your web site on our “links” page at no charge.

If you are interested in placing your business before people who are specifically looking for Put-in-Bay information just email your instructions to us at:

We will make up the ad according to your instructions and, before publishing, place the ad on a private web page for your approval.

John Rees
8278 Kennedy Rd.
Blacklick, OH 43004

Ph. 614/861-5527
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